Saturday, January 8, 2011

The First Day at the Agency

Ok i'm pretty sure most if not all of you guys and gals remember the night before the first day of school. Your anxiousness runs to an all time high. You think to yourself who's going to be there, what is the day going to be like, will I have a crush on anyone? With all those questions and anxiety running through your subconscious mind as you sleep you begin to toss and turn and then all of the sudden you are awake. At this point you are upset because no one wants to be groggy on the first day. And here you are lying on your bed thinking those same questions as you count sheep so that you can attempt to fall asleep. Well that's what happen to me the night before my first day at the agency. The commute to the train station was filled with anticipation and anxiety from the night before as I wonder to myself what type of meat will this agency make out of me when they are done in 10 weeks? As I approach the door and ring the door bell I begin to think (in the 32 degree weather) "here we go." As I enter the agency I am in awe of the place especially when I contrast it between my four wall University of Miami like dorm room. With each step my heart beats quicker but it isn't nerves, it's the fact that I have to climb four flights of stairs to get to the room where we are situated. As I enter the room among the first students to arrive I say to myself "well Abe there's no turning back and your time is now"(I know that line was corny but oh well). As the rest of my cohorts arrive we bask in that initial feeling of being somewhere new and having the opportunity to maybe do something special in our short 10 weeks. Needless to say we introduced ourselves and I think I remembered one name (but I know them now so that's all that matters). The day would be short but we went through many twists and turns including meeting the director of our internship, to getting a tour of the agency. As the day ended I took a sigh of relief because I made it four days at that point without touching, seeing, smelling, bouncing or shooting a basketball and I was still alive. Who would have ever thought that was possible? But I took three things from the first day at the agency: #1 Don't drink coke zero, # 2 listen to people and treat them with respect, # 3 BE GOOD (It's a mindset).

This is roughly all of us Picture by Andrei Khashan


  1. That first day of school/work/anything new anxiety never ceases to amaze me as I get older, but I don't recall ever thinking about who my next crush would be. :)

  2. Really!!! I guess i'm the only one. LOL