Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking The First Steps

Well (sigh) I have been away in Amsterdam for close to three months now, and I know I've missed out on a lot of stuff that has been going down in the States since I been here. Some notable things I missed thus far include: Charlie Sheen, the live reactions to the Miami Heat, and anything Obama. However, one of the most notable things that I missed since I have been here is my niece taking her first steps (tear). I had a conversation with her (more like a threat) and I told her if you walk before I get back then I will have to give you a spanking. Needless to say she paid me no attention. This kind of reminds me of the time when I took my first steps, except for the fact that I was bit more fluid in my strides and I didn't fall but she's doing good for now. If you haven't seen her walking yet here's the video. I think I'm going to cry tears of joy as I'm spanking her for betraying me.

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