Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 5 Dunks in The 2011 NBA Playoffs

Wow this playoff season has appeared to be a post season filled with players making new posters. My top 5 dunks are based on how loud I screamed when I initially saw the dunk. Rating the dunks for the spots are as followed:

# 5 Impressive but I think I could do that.
# 4 Ok he showed me something there.
# 3 Whoa
# 2 Arghhhhhhhh did he just do that?
# 1 Screaming like a school girl cause that was the best dunk this season!

Without further or do here are the dunks:

# 5: D-Rose over Joel Anthony

# 4: Kobe Dunks over Emeka Okafor

# 3: UD over D-Rose

# 2: Taj Gibson Tip Dunk on 3 guys

# 1: Kevin Durant over Brendan Haywood

Read em' and weep.

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