Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Art of Soccer

Europeans favorite sport is by far and away football (Americans call it soccer) and I have grown to appreciate the art of soccer as I have gotten older. Soccer has a strong combination of the two major American sports. On the football side of things (American football that is) soccer has all the strategy that American football has. In soccer when two teams are playing they don't just go out and try to score a goal they fight and battle over field position and the two teams are also making sure that their defense and offense are aligned in the appropriate manner. Does that sound familiar yet? Soccer also has the artistry and finesse that is associated with basketball in that great footwork and great offense can always beat great defense. Not to mention that all the top scores in soccer get all the women (sounds like basketball). Lastly the anticipation of a scored goal and the celebration of a scored goal is comparable to a touchdown in that they are both rare in both games and their is a sense of jubilation for the home crowd. When you think about it most soccer games end in a 3-2 score this is equivalent to a 21-14 score in the NFL which happens more times than not. Either way I really wanted to show you guys and gals this video of one of the greatest goals i've seen in my lifetime and I want you to notice is the artistry that is involved with this goal. First you'll see the great pass then the connection between the passer and receiver and then the score (this connection is equal to an alley hoop or a long touchdown pass). More importantly, the final level artistry can be found when the scorer celebrates the goal which in my mind is a priceless celebration. You be the judge.

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  1. Also I wanted to mention that this was the game winner.