Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl

So in America we have this thing called the National Football League and there's this event called the Super Bowl which is kinda big in America. I have to admit watching the Super Bowl in a different country is a bit different. For one going out to watch the game at 12 in the morning is sort of a demotivating factor for watching the game with a group of people (especially when you consider how bad the games can be at times). It's also different in the sense that you gotta watch the game on your laptop, so forget about HD. One of the major attractions of the Super Bowl are the commercials (which gained popularity after you guessed it Apple aired there top commercial in the Super Bowl some time in the 80's). So what were my top Ads for the Superbowl, well before I get into that I have to say that because the Super Bowl ads cost so much to place the ads often times the companies put so much pressure on the agencies that I feel that most of the ads are either over produced or just lack creativity and in some cases both of these things apply. So without further or do my top 5 ads of 2011:

1. Chrysler: Eminem
2. Volks Wagen: Darth Vader
3. Doritos: House Sitting
4. Snickers: Rosanne Bar
5. Chimps

To see these ads and all the other ads that aired in the Super Bowl click on link below.

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