Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome to Amsterdam!

Well as I landed on the runway of Amsterdam Schipol Airport I thought to myself wow will I actually get the opportunity to see snow for the first time? The thought of being in another country has always intrigued me but never in my wildest imagination could I ever see myself in a country and city that is famous for it's weed, prostitutes and cheese. This journey into a new country is not without purpose because I am here for the purpose of learning more on my craft as an Art Director in the fickle world of advertising. And the agency that has decided to take me under their wing is called Peanut Butter, that's right Peanut Butter (aka Pindakaas in Dutch). Let's just say that the first week has been an adventure especially when you consider that this is my first time in Europe and I am a Haitian-American transitioning into a country that I know nothing about (except for what I read on the internet). The first week has incapsulated a whirlwind of Miami Vice like missions that include searching for an adapter that would allow me to use my American plug, receiving luggage that was left in America, and getting pimped by taxi cab driver, but no one ever said that this would be easy. The first highlight of my week was New Year's eve where I observed how the people of Amsterdam bring in the New Year. So as I waited for a ball to drop at midnight I was pleasantly and unpleasantly entertained by the fireworks that the people were firing off before midnight. It's now 23:59 and I'm asking myself when will the countdown begin and where is the ball? Midnight comes and goes and to my dismay there was no ball, no countdown, just more fireworks. However, I will say that when midnight did hit the Dutch took their fire-woking skills to another level and I have to say that despite the lack of a ball or a formal countdown that the Dutch do know how to bring in a New Year (we won't even get into the $110 party that was being held nearby which I couldn't even imagine attending). From that point on I knew I was not in Dade anymore and an adventure would await me (with no basketball that is). Welcome to Amsterdam young man where the weed is in the air and McDonald's cost 12 U.S. dollars for a number 1. I love it already.


  1. Wow! This will be an interesting story!

  2. I look forward to reading more about your adventures in the Am. May be a motion picture one day.

  3. Only time will tell what happens next.