Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Sensation In My Hands

So I finally built the courage to go to "the # 1 outdoor basketball court in Amsterdam" (How do I know it's number 1? Well only a basketball fiend would use a site like courts of the world to figure out where the best outdoor games are being played.) and I have to say that going to this court was not a good idea especially for a helpless fiend like me. The court was absolutely amazing. Why? Because everything about it screamed welcome to Amsterdam. The backdrop of one of the courts was filled with the image of the Rijkt Museum (I hope I spelled that right) where I went earlier in the day to take in the work of top Dutch artists like Rembrandt and Metsu. The second court had a backdrop of a small skate park as well as the Van Goh museum and some other very large building that I will investigate in the near future and some typical dutch buildings. I know that these backdrops may mean nothing to the casual basketball enthusiast so i'll level with you briefly. Let's take the show "The Game" for example. Could you imagine if it was shot in Seattle instead of L.A.? The show would be that much more different. The fabrics that make up each character would take a new shape and the color palettes that make up the scenes would be ten times different. Ok, I apologize not everyone watches "The Game" but substitute whatever your favorite show is and you will get what i'm saying. As for me I have to live with the fact that I have not smelled a basketball since December 29 (which at this point is 17 days) and now I am currently going through withdrawal. Withdrawal for me consists of taking practice shots with no ball, working on my jumpshot footwork while i'm at the office, and using triple threat foot work to get around pedestrians as I make my way around each pedestrian. The worst withdrawal symptom I received from that trip to the court is the sensation I feel in my hands. This symptom of my withdrawal is the worst of all because nothing will cure it but a basketball. The sensation that I feel in my hands, is the feeling that I feel when I have a ball in my hands. So it feels like I have a ball in my hand when I really don't (not good). Anyways here are some pics of the court as well as the Rijkt Museum which I recommend anyone who is blessed to be in Amsterdam check out.

This is the Rijkt Museum with all the Dutch artist this is a must see.

Ice skating rink looks great so I snapped away.

This is that big building that I have to investigate. Looks like D.C.

Court # 1

Court # 2

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