Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mommy Can I go to the Park With Uncle Abe?

So this past weekend the question was posed to me "what do you miss most about America?" And if you have been following this blog your first guess just might be of course he misses basketball the most. Well my answer quite frankly was, that I miss my family the most. Yes, it is possible that I have found something in my life that I love more than basketball. Whatever the case may be, I end up taking a trip to Vondelpark this past weekend to see what European parks are like and I have to say I was impressed. The park had a real nice feel to it and it was rather large (maybe a quarter of the size of Central Park). But while I was at this park I noticed something that from where I'm from (Miami, FL) is unheard of. I saw moms bringing their children to the park in 30 degree weather and with windchill it felt like 20 degrees (for my Celsius people that is -1 degrees and it feels like -6 degrees). Now in Miami we only have two seasons Summer and Winter and when it gets cold the people in Miami get dramatical about the situation. If a child under four years old leaves the house that child is suppose to be wrapped up in 3 blankets, with an additional three layers of cold underneath. Now I love the cold, but everyone else in my family, not so much. My two nieces who I love very very much have been for a lack of a better word a disappointment when it comes down to tolerance of cold weather. Anytime the weather gets below 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius) they get sick. So when I was at the park and I was observing these children who were enduring such cold weather it got me to thinking would my sister ever let me take my nieces out to a park when the weather is cold in Miami? The answer to that question will come some time this Winter but to support my argument that my nieces should go to the park with me I'm going to leave you with some pics of children from Amsterdam playing in the park in the winter.

This could be my older niece

This could be my younger niece

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