Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's Wrong with The Heat?

Apparently everyone has an opinion on what's wrong with the Miami Heat amid this 5 game losing steak, so I figure I give my thoughts. In my opinion the Heat's problem right now can be found under one word and that's rotation. The Heat rotation has appeared to be in flux over this entire season. From a distance it appears that Coach Spoelstra is still trying to find the right combination of players that can come off the bench and produce on a nightly basis and with injuries it has been a challenge. However, I do want to take a deeper look at three different positions in particular that have seen probably the most fluctuation. They are the center, the point guard, and the shooting guard positions.

Starting with the center position lets look at Erik Dampier (ED) and Zydrunas Ilgauskus (ZI). In my eyes ED has been getting more minutes of late over ZI and the stats back my opinion. In the last 4 games ZI has averaged 8 mins. a game, whereas ED has averaged 20 mins. a game and if you are looking for points don't turn to ED cause he will only give the Heat 2 points a game win or lose. Whereas, ZI will give the Heat 5 points in wins and 4 points in losses. Not to mention that when ZI plays more minutes the Heat win more. Now for the point guard position when the Heat acquired Mike Bibby he naturally took minutes from Mario Chalmers. Is Bibby producing? No. Bibby is playing 20 mins. a game in the last 4 ganes and is giving the Heat a ginormous 3 points a game. Whereas, Chalmers in those same games is at 27.5 mins. a game and is giving the Heat 8.5 points a game.

Last but not least the shooting guard position. Now I have nothing against Mike Miller but he just isn't hitting open jumpers and not nearly as consistent as James Jones. Although Mike Miller is an overall better player than James Jones, for whatever reason Mike Miller just has not been doing what the Heat signed him to do and that's make open 3-point baskets. In the last 4 games Mike Miller has averaged 28 mins. a game and is only providing 5 points a game. I think Mike Miller can do better than that. All the while James Jones minutes have declined to 6 mins. a game in the past 4 games (does he even get a chance to sweat). I just remember earlier in the season JJ was a little more consistent in hitting open 3 point baskets than Miller has been throughout this season.

In conclusion, I think the Heat ultimately have to get their rotation in check before they can seriously contend and I didn't think Arroyo was the problem (he actually made shots unlike Bibby). There is a lot of blame to go around for the losses but it is extremely difficult to win games in the NBA with a Bench that isn't producing. Check out this video its a funny take on the Heat recent lamentations and woes. Please don't kill me Heat Fans

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