Monday, January 24, 2011

Sensation in My Hands Part Deux

When I last left you I was in need of basketball so bad that my hands started to go through withdrawal. Now I am happy to announce that I have successfully fed my addiction by purchasing a basketball and actually going to the court and playing basketball. I feel like Homer Simpson after eating a pink doughnut urghhhhh. Anyways I had the unique opportunity to play with some of the people at the agency (Yasmina and Elliot). Needless to say we had a ball (no pun intended) and I really learned a lot about them by our experience on the hard court. Unfortunately this time I do not have any pictures commemorating either the purchase of the ball or the game but I will leave you with this highlight Kevin Durant winning the game vs. the Knicks at the last second. When you watch this highlight try to pay attention to Kevin Durant's feet. When you can understand what he is doing with his feet then you will be able to see the art that is associated with basketball.

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