Thursday, February 17, 2011

Popped Cherry

As my days in Amsterdam are coming down to an end I will say that I am constantly gaining a new appreciation for Amsterdam and Europe as I experience more and more of the culture. With that said, it's always fun when you can share your experience with someone else, and it's even better when that person is a virgin to the country as well. So without further or do I am proud to announce that I have witnessed the popping of Carl's cherry (as it relates to traveling to Europe) and I have to say it was amazing. Now Carl for those of you who don't know is a long time friend of mine and we go back since the fourth grade (crazy how time flies). Needless to say I am happy that I get to share this experience with my friend and i'm excited to see what adventures await us when we get to Paris this weekend. I will say that it's amazing how you can always learn new things about people (even people you've known your whole life) and what I've learned about Carl yesterday, is that he has a ridiculous sense of smell. I have to say that I was astonished. As we walked through the crowds in Amsterdam Carl's keen sense of smell could pick up the different types of cologne and perfume that men and women were flaunting on their totally fit bodies (never mind his uncanny ability to smell the weed in the air) all the while i'm oblivious to the scent of weed, perfumes, farts and the like. Even more amazing was his ability to tell me the brands that people were wearing. I felt ashamed because i'm just a tall blind guy with no sense of smell (don't cry for me Argentina). Either way i'm excited about the next few days that are to come and I look forward to Paris but, check this guy out styling and profiling in Amsterdam.

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